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Jun 19, 2020

Black Lives Matter

The subject of the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent unrest has been complex and yet so simple at its core that it has proven difficult to find an appropriate voice to address it. In that silence lies the heart of the problem. Instead of being afraid of getting it wrong, Skyline Renewables is attempting to get it less wrong by expressing positive, tangible and actionable change.

  • We will genuinely make all efforts to stand for “people first” values, where discrimination, inequality and injustice have no place.
  • We will practice being open minded and learn from one another’s differences.
  • We will endeavor to be more aware of our collective differences in race, gender, age, disability and sexual orientation.
  • We will make active choices to acknowledge and remove systemic racial inequality.
  • Finally, we will acknowledge our own complacency as individuals and instead actively and compassionately hold ourselves and each other accountable, to support everyone equally and to continue to build a company culture that stands against prejudice and discrimination.